[Giveaway] Announcing the winners for our Dreamcatcher’s ‘Apocalypse: Save Us’ album giveaway!

The giveaway for the Dreamcatcher’s ‘Apocalypse: Save Us’ album has ended and the 30 winners have been chosen.

Congratulations to @dohkyungsoft, @cloudyyjun, @byandreareyes, @wmays9, @arntxc, @delight_1999, @diego_insomnia, @SoShiVelvet59, @ryoohgay, @carlalapo, @jstinLlm, @siyeonysm, @skitthe7doors, @singniefitt, @theanxiouscltl, @singbboya, @itzyooh, @DChaotic4, @RYXKMJ, @AetherahArt, @CosmicDeukae, @baymaxoxoxl, @WeirdFrance, @qrstnm, @deukaeminjiu, @lyj_19X5, @Potato_insomnia, @intheloopy, @imawolfsbane, and @wintermmoya.


I say this every time, but if you didn’t win, I’m sorry. I do feel shitty when choosing cause I feel like it disappoints a lot of people, but if you have the money, please consider buying the album. If you don’t, you can still help with fandom projects!

They also are having a mini-concert that you can buy tickets for. Shit is in like hours.


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