SCANDAL revisit indie pop with refreshing “Love Me Do”


SCANDAL is a band I don’t much about, and I’m super late in writing about “Love Me Do” because it’s almost a month old. Regardless, I’m not sure if it’s a mixture of hearing coffee-shop ballads all the time and fearing how much left of the year we have for more ballads, but “Love Me Do” simply made me feel awake.

The song reminded me of something Mystery Jets would do in the mid 2000s, along with Take That‘s “These Days“. So basically “Love Me Do” came off as very indie pop, which at this point is far from the worst thing.


From having a quick gander at their older songs, they seem like your classic female alternative pop punk band that one would normally hear early to mid 2000s.

I would’ve absolutely loved these girls when I was 16-18 years old!


I dunno, I feel this was the spring song we wanted and waited for. Unlike CNBLUE‘s recent release, SCANDAL still feel like a band even with high fashion bohemian-ness of it all.

Can 2016 be the year of the female J-idol/J-rock bands, please? Thanks.

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