Netizens tried to take down Jang Moonbok with false rumors, he stays unbothered

While some are trying to slander supporters of Jang Moonbok and trying to change the reason why he’s getting so much support, fans of other ‘Produce 101‘ competitors are already trying to take down Jang Moonbok due to jealousy over his popularity.

Basically, a group of people on Twitter tried to spread the rumor that Jang Moonbok was a sex offender, attempting to trend #MoonbokIsOverParty.

Soon they were revealed to be snakes, however, and they wanted to pretend they never did the shit. Unsurprisingly, trash remains trash, and when they couldn’t get things to go their way, they resorted to crying like Nancy Kerrigan and dropping n-bombs.


I guess it’s quite perfect that Jang Moonbok has this popularity because he persevered through immense bullying and mockery to get to this point, so people want to bully and mock him to try and take him down.

Anyway, they can chew on this reality.

The king stay the king. The rest are the little bitches on the chess board.


Thot Leader™