BGA’s Jeungri had a girlfriend until recently (mess!), plus senpai noticed Asian Junkie

With their comeback closing in, it was shockingly unveiled that BGA member Jeungri recently had a girlfriend. However, they broke up because of, well, you can watch for yourself.

So all it took was his constant dancing, his weird wardrobe, his makeup habit, his constant product placement, his moving in slow motion, and his pretend relationship for a variety show? Psh, where’s her determination? Ungrateful, IMO.

Luckily, BGA are already legends and scandal won’t hurt them. They even turned it into yet another CF.

Most importantly, because Asian Junkie is an international leader in journalism on Korean pop, Ryan Higa cited an Asian Junkie article in his recent video.

Senpai noticed me.

Also, the music video is dropping on March 24.


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