IATFB’s List Of The Top 100 Songs Of 2014 + Why We Approach Lists Wrong


Rankings or lists of anything that isn’t objectively measurable in any meaningful way, like, oh I dunno, music, will always have a ton of disagreements to the point of people getting insane over it. I never really cared about these debates, but over time I’ve noticed I care a lot less, simply because I’ve come to understand that the way most of us read rankings/lists is wrong (including me).

As long as a person can give the reason why they like something and it’s remotely logical, I don’t see the problem with their choices anymore. In music, some value clean production, some value instrumentation, some prioritize vocal quality, some want lyrical meaning, some care more about creativity, and some just care whether the hook is catchy and they can get loose to it. So in effect, the only thing rankings/lists are REALLY for is to expand your way of looking at the medium or to expose you to stuff maybe you hadn’t heard of before. If you’re reading rankings/lists to compare your personal preferences to some other random person on the other side of the planet, then you’re probably going to leave mad/whiny … and you’re also approaching it all wrong.

So with that settled, I have for you my DEFINITIVE list of the top 100 songs of 2014. There can be no disagreement here, as these tracks are OBJECTIVELY the best songs of the year.


[#100-#1] Double Turds – “Crankin’ My Hog”

We’re all free to formulate our own opinions, but if you disagree with me on this, you’re wrong.


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