Witnesses against Bumkey in drug trial giving confusing testimony, Crayon Pop smirk silently

"Girls, I need these motherfuckers DEALT with."
“Girls, I need these motherfuckers DEALT with.”

Though apparently there was more than enough evidence to go against Bumkey on drug charges, at least enough to go to trial, maybe the prosecution should’ve vetted their witnesses better, because they are FUCKING UP through their testimony. Or maybe, just maybe, Way’s Girls are sending a message to these witnesses to pay Bumkey back for appearing in their music video, because they’re all a mess.

Only one of two witnesses was present at this trial, and in the midst of the full weight of the spotlight being shifted to one, the testimony was an absolute mess, according to a report by The Fact.

The Fact states that the court room was in a state of exasperation, a result of the witness constantly contradicting his own previous statements, and making statements that were unclear, saying things like “I think,” “I don’t remember,” etc.

The prosecution and defense asked the witness, “Did you take drugs with Bumkey?” and received ambiguous answers: “Yes,” and “I didn’t see Bumkey [take drugs],” and “We were in the same place, and it seemed everyone was doing it.”

When the prosecution and defense explained to the witness his own contradictions, he would deny, saying that he never said it like that.

In the end, after countless contradictions and ambiguous statements, the trial wrapped up having achieved nothing, the entire court room filing out in a state of confusion.

A previous witness giving equally shoddy testimony, other witnesses disappearing, and everybody else involved seem to be “misremembering” a bunch of stuff.

It could just be sloppy police work, it could just be coincidence, it could just be Bumkey’s innocent … or, it could be:



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