Group of I-SONEs declare doxxing campaign against alleged SNSD haters, are insane people

A group of I-SONEs have joined forces in a campaign to doxx all of SNSD‘s haters and the harassers of SONEs. And by “haters” and “harassers”, they mean anybody who doesn’t fit into their worldview of what a SONE is or anybody who doesn’t like SNSD. Said people have already doxxed and harassed a community member at Netizen Buzz, for which most of them were banned, and so they have now moved on to K-POP K-FANS.

At this point, you may be wondering if I’m trolling you with this shit, but I assure you that I’m not. And to prove that, I got screencaps of the delusional individuals, who have nicknamed themselves ‘TAK Team‘ for ‘The Anti Killer Team‘ like they are fucking e-special forces or something.


Highlights include:

-Netizen Buzz has betrayed their crew by banning them.

-Comparison of the hardships of being black to being a SONE.

-Hopes that a SONE who isn’t the right kind of SONE commits suicide as a result of their doxxing.

-Evidence of wrongdoing by commenter that’s deserving of death includes: “Red Velvet aren’t that attractive”, “Jessica picked the right time to launch her company with TaeTiSeo‘s comeback”, and “Tiffany may have copied designs like A Pink‘s coordi did”. Truly hateful shit.

-Definition of “harassment” of SONEs on NB is posting lots of comments on NB about not liking SNSD.

-Any punishment is deserved if a SONE “turned her back” on OT8, and that fans need to act exactly like how they think a SONE should act or they need to “get lost”.

-What is the true definition of a SONE based on? It’s based on Soshified saying you have to support all of SNSD no matter what in order to be a SONE (dunno if that’s even true). I’m sure Soshified would be THRILLED to know members of their forum are doxxing fans with the hope of death, all in their name! They’re acting like Soshified is some government entity that can grant them a license to kill or something.


Worth noting that this dates back almost a month on K-POP K-FANS, when somehow me and some other Asian Junkie regular commenters got looped into a “haters” category.


The comment is deleted now, but if you read around it, you can see how insane the person was being.


So what is the point of this? No point, really. Just to call it out and marvel at the absurdity of this K-pop fandom.

It’s interesting how one can lose the grip on reality so bad that they can see a person being the WRONG type of fan of your favorite group as a reason to attack their personal lives and wish actual harm upon them.

Are they a bunch of kids? Sure, probably, but the deranged nature of all this is disturbing. Hilarious, but disturbing.

Can’t wait till the day they take it too far and they end up in federal prison … over fucking K-pop.


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