G-Friend’s “Glass Bead” MV delivers on promises of a throwback vibe


Somebody forced me to watch this rookie group’s debut music video, and I really was going to ignore it, but G-Friend‘s “Glass Bead” song and music video really did bring the throwback vibe as promised.

An impressive debut that gives the rookies a bunch of room to grow in whatever direction they see fit. Sure, it was not a new concept, but it’s the type of throwback innocent concept that worked, both in terms of visuals and sound, with emphasis on the latter. Actually, I’m not really sure there was any standout member in the group, but the song really caught my ear as something that might’ve been released by S.E.S. or even like Jewelry (the real one). It’s a cutesy concept, sure, but one that didn’t come with a slow, boring song.

A Pink‘s “My My” and “No No No” gave me similar feelings of hearing a track that could’ve been released by a first/second generation girl group. Since then, A Pink have gone to a more basic formula cause they don’t really need to try anymore, and it should be interesting to see what path G-Friend takes assuming they don’t disband. The main problem with the A Pink comparison is that A Pink stood out a lot more as individual members despite the similar styling and what not. Plus, Eunji was immediately recognizable as the lead vocalist. I’m having trouble recognizing anybody as a lead in anything so far with G-Friend.

Nevertheless, a promising debut from a company I’ve never heard of before (Source Music).


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