Zico tells Bobby he’s gonna have to go a lot more showerless days to pass him


Hep-hap legend Bobby must go many more days showerless to acquire the requisite hip-hop cred to surpass Zico in the rap game, according to Zico.

When asked about Bobby, who pointed out Zico as a ‘mountain to leap over,’ Zico commented, “Bobby is really good so I’m honored that he thinks of me that way. I got to know him after ‘Show Me the Money’ ended and we exchanged contact information. He then messaged me through Kakaotalk, ‘Hyung, you are the mountain that I must climb over.’ So I messaged back saying, ‘This mountain has no place to rest nor a mineral spring. You have to climb up no matter what. So it’s probably going to be a hard climb.’ Bobby is probably going to do even better from now on because he is very talented. He is motivating me as well.”

Other text options Zico considered included “you’re naked in the middle of the Sahara with cocaine in your asshole and I’m the city 500 miles away, it’s gonna be a tough road,” “you’re stuck in Antarctica and 11 or your 12 sled dogs just died, I’m meditating under the ice hundreds of miles away, good luck,” and “ROTFLMAO”.

The compliments before and after just set it up. This is good shade.

Then again, Zico doing “Tough Cookie” reminded me of Randy Marsh doing “Buffalo Soldier“, so … you know (I know, you know, I know).



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