Lizzy does ‘Chunhyangga’ for her flawless ‘Not An Easy Girl’ MV


Lizzy released her pop-trot anthem “Not An Easy Girl“, a track that people will jam to thousands of years into the future.

The plot of the music video (and song) is sort of confusing without understanding that they literally green-screened Lizzy into the 1961 version of ‘Seong Chunhyang‘, based on the pansori ‘Chunhyangga‘.

Yi Mong Yong who always studies hard, goes out to get some fresh air. He sees ChunHyang on a swing and it’s love at first sight. He orders his servant, BangJa to ask ChunHyang to come to him but she refuses. Yi Mong Yong goes to talk to ChunHyang’s mother, Wolmae, to ask permission to marry ChunHyang; Wolmae gives her permission and the two young people marry that day.

Yi Mong Yong’s father, a government official, has to move to another region, Hanyang (Seoul now) so Yi Mong Yong has to leave ChunHyang to follow his father. After he leaves, a new lord comes to ChunHyang’s village. The new lord is greedy and selfish- he always wastes his time at partying with courtesans. ChunHyang, renowned for her beauty, is forced to come to his party. Although ChunHyang is not a courtesan the lord treats her like one because her mother is a courtesan. So he compels her to sleep with him, but ChunHyang keeps refusing because she is married. The lord gets angry and imprisons her. He decides to punish her on his birthday.

Yi Mong Yong wins first place in a state examination and he becomes a secret royal inspector, or AmHengUhSa, who investigates and prosecutes corrupt government officials as an undercover emissary of the king. Under disguise, he comes to ChunHyang’s village and finds out what have happened to ChunHyang and the misbehavior of the lord. He must conceal his real identity so he acts like an insane person and wears mendicant clothes. Despite his mendicancy, ChunHyang still loves him and asks her mother to take good care of him.

At the lord’s birthday celebration, Yi Mong Yong comes in and makes a satirical poem about the misbehavior of the lord, but the lord does not understand the poem. Yi Mong Yong discloses his real position and punishes the lord. At first, ChunHyang cannot recognize Yi Mong Yong and he tests her faith by asking her to spend a night with him. ChunHyang, who still cannot recognize him, refuses him as well. However, she recognizes him soon and they live happily ever after.

Unsurprisingly then, the plot of the music video is exactly that, except with Lizzy being cute, hot, awesome throughout. The song fits perfectly to the concept and is executed well, and lyrically it meshes the plot of the music video with modern times.

“With those designer bags,
Don’t try to hit on me,
Do I seem that easy?
Love is not like a supermarket, oh oh.”

“I am not an easy girl (no),
Don’t poke around,
I am not an easy girl (no),
Do I seem that easy?
Just because I was being nice,
Just because I smiled at you,
Do I seem that easy?”

Lizzy da bauce.


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