Lots of people actually think a Netizen Crime Scene Investigation unit is a good idea


For whatever fucking reason, the jokes about Korean netizens becoming police e-detectives of sorts was actually voted on in a poll on Nate, and more Internet users concluded it would be a good idea than those who saw what a horrifying shitshow it would be.

Popular Korean portal site NATE recently conducted a poll regarding the impact of the possible official establishment of the NCSI (Netizen Crime Scene Investigations) to crime fighting in Korea.

In the poll conducted, 58% (2770 votes) agreed that the NSCI would be helpful because the resources and manpower of netizens is undeniable. 40% (1942) disagreed, saying that they thought the NSCI would not help, instead creating confusion in investigations and potentially skewing facts.

Do I really need to explain this? For every well-meaning netizen tip that solves something, there are literally tens of thousands of mouthbreathers out there fucking shit up and ruining people’s lives over nothing. Netizens have driven schoolkids to suicide, they have started rumors that have led celebrities to suicide, and they regularly witch-hunt and then refuse to back down even after they’ve been proven wrong or insane. Definitely, let’s empower those people.

Why would anybody think this is a decent idea for a poll anyway? I am a netizen, and I consider myself relatively intelligent and well-versed, but there is no goddamn way I think I should have any official capacity other than providing tips to the police if I know anything. The solution to a lack of justice is not to hand shit over to a lynch mob.


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