Lovelyz’s Seo Ji Soo’s accuser/malicious rumor spreader was a man, arrested by police


Back in November, just before Lovelyz was set to debut, member Seo Ji Soo was caught up in controversy thanks to serious Internet rumors that were circulating. A woman (presumed) went around accusing Seo Ji Soo of being everything from a sasaeng to a sexual predator, and was even trying to out her as a lesbian. Soon after, evidence that the proof against Seo Ji Soo was fabricated came out, and Seo Ji Soo went to the police in an attempt to clear her name.

Well, today her legal troubles may be over, as the police just arrested a man and booked him on charges of maliciously spreading rumors about Seo Ji Soo. The police commented that the case has been passed along to the prosecutors, and until a decision is made by that branch, the suspect’s identity will remain anonymous. The police also said that they found the suspect by tracing his IP address.

In an ideal world, this matter would get settled quickly, and Seo Ji Soo could resume activities. But she’s still being treated for mental trauma due to this situation, and Woollim Entertainment has stated that the group will continue as seven until the matter has been completely resolved.


Back when this came out, I wondered why remaining neutral was such a bad thing, because K-netizens and I-netizens were so eager to rush to judgment for whatever reason. Now, despite this revelation and what it appears to mean for her side of the story, I wonder if she’ll still suffer consequences related to this after all is said and done. Considering how people hate to take back all the stuff they spew when they end up wrong (T-ara/Tablo), and the fact that she’s still expendable to the company since this all happened pre-debut, I wonder if she’ll have to end up withdrawing anyway.

I hope not, and I hope she goes on to rejoin Lovelyz and have a career, but optimism in these matters doesn’t have a wonderful track record.


For those that want the word-for-word translation, which we’re not gonna do, click here.


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