Sulli’s biggest/only fansite closed, which is awesome cause the admin is crazy


f(x)‘s Sulli basically only has one fansite in Korea, run by netizen named Jinnabit (, who is famous for being extremely dedicated to Sulli, supposedly being close to her, and also coming off as fucking crazy (we’ll get to this later). In any case, after a bit of a Twitter rant, Jinnabit closed the fansite, supposedly for good.

1. [+114, -2] I never had a good impression of Jinnabit before but I understand her decision to leave. She says that she’s not going to say what Sulli did to her in case it gets Sulli more hate but Jinnabit is 10 years older than Sulli, she wasn’t just your average fan. She loved Sulli like she was her own child and watched her mature from 16 to 22 years old… f(x) fans will know that Jinnabit didn’t just like Sulli as an idol. I realized that she wasn’t just your average fan when she said that she already had flowers and cakes reserved to be sent for Sulli when she turns 60 years old in case she herself is dead by then…. It’s true that her leaving the fandom will get Sulli more hate but I assure you that there will never be another fan who loved her as much as she did.
2. [+107, -3] Even if Sulli gets new fansites, there will never be another one that did as much as Jinnabit did. Sulli lost a real fan.
3. [+100, -2] Even I know Jinnabit and I don’t know much about Sulli or their fandom… She was really one of the top fansites, there will probably never be another one like her.
4. [+66, -0] There’s really no one that knows Sulli better than Jinnabit ㅋㅋㅋ Jinnabit probably has more information on Sulli than anyone and could take it to the journalists if she wanted to considering her past six years with her.
5. [+55, -0] A lot of Sulli fans are happy about Jinnabit leaving because she was so extreme but you have to admit that there’s not one Sulli picture out there without her logo on it. 90% of the pictures that non-fans have seen of Sulli are from Jinnabit… She lost a huge fan.
6. [+52, -0] Like the best replies said, Jinnabit and Sulli are close to the point where they’ve always kept in contact with each other. No fan could live up to Jinnabit’s Sulli shields and fan presents. She seriously looked after Sulli like she was her own daughter. Sulli clearly did something wrong to her for her to leave the fandom like this; even while leaving, she makes sure that Sulli doesn’t get any hate and says she’s taking the burden on herself… that explains it all, doesn’t it?
7. [+49, -1] Sulli asked Jinnabit to make Choiza an ID for him… so that he can see her pretty pictures.
– “[+25, -0] Jinnabit is a super hard site to get into and she asked her to make Choiza his own ID… ㅋㅋ”
8. [+48, -1] Sulli asking Jinnabit to make Choiza an ID is probably the tip of the iceberg… there’s probably more to it, but at least Jinnabit is being decent/respect and not revealing the rest.
9. [+42, -0] Hul daebak, I have no interest in SM at all but even I knew Jinnabit. Can’t believe she’s leaving.
10. [+37, -0] Wow… Amazing that she’s just going to keep everything she knows about Sulli to herself.. If she ever met with a journalist, Sulli would be instantly trending at #1 search ranks..

The netizen reaction to this sympathizes with the fansite admin, even inferring that she’s being gracious for not dropping bombs on Sulli’s private life (how nice). That, in part, reflects their own feelings about fandom (this is on Pann), and it also reflects the general sentiment about Sulli at the moment.

However, even in the favorable descriptions of Jinnabit by the netizens themselves, you can see this is sort of creepy, right? She looked at Sulli as a daughter-type figure, obsessed over her since she debuted at 15 back when Jinnabit was 25, reserved flowers and cakes for Sulli until she was 60 … then threw a fit and stopped supporting Sulli for “reasons” (coming soon). And there’s also a few comments alluding to other Sulli fans disliking Jinnabit.

Hm … and why would that be, exactly?

Well, Jinnabit supposedly has the only Sulli fansite because she has a well-known history of going to whatever necessary lengths to make damn sure she’s has the only fansite for Sulli. is a famous vicious individual fan among f(x) Korean fans. By vicious is she despises other members and only think Sulli is the best. If Sulli gained other new fansite, will blackmail or threaten the new fansite till they closed down.

Read the whole thing if you want, but the upshot is that Jinnabit felt like she was Sulli’s best and first fan, and that she was the only one who deserved to have a fansite for her. As a result, she pushed everybody else who started sites out via threats and harassment. Jinnabit then parlayed her status as the only fansite into personal interactions with Sulli and other f(x) members. Oh yeah, and she resented the other f(x) members because she thought they only detracted from making Sulli shine. Thus, she would talk shit about other f(x) members and harass the f(x) fandom.

I’m sure you’re getting a picture/profile of the type of apparent sasaeng craziness/delusion we’re dealing with now, so it fits then that one of the reasons she closed down the site was that she saw Sulli interacting with other fans via her private Instagram account. Jinnabit then threw a tantrum on Twitter (again) because only she deserves to have that interaction and only she knows Sulli or whatever bullshit like that.

If you’re creeped out right now, don’t worry, it’s normal to be disturbed by somebody who reminds you of a real-life version of Kathy Bates in ‘Misery‘.

At the end of the day, all I know is that rather than sympathizing with Jinnabit, I’ll just say I’m glad she’s (allegedly) done with Sulli, and hopefully she’s done with being a fan of anybody, because absolutely nobody needs fans like that. Maybe it hurts Sulli’s fandom temporarily, but there’s no doubt they’ll be better off without her in the mix.


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