Kim Hyun Joong’s parents give ridiculous interview + ex’s lawyer doesn’t even bother


Kim Hyun Joong‘s parents talked with The Fact about the situation with their son and his ex, presumably to do damage control after the ex basically destroyed him in the Dispatch interview. Problem is, they seemed a lot more interested in trying to gain sympathy for themselves and their son, like they’re the victim, than actually saying anything that makes sense.

To start, they basically say that they believe she’s pregnant and that it’s KHJ’s kid, but not REALLY.

“Of course I believe that Miss Choi is pregnant, I’m also not suspecting the claim that the child is our son’s. But it’s hard to think to myself ‘Ah, this is our grandchild’ by just looking at a few ultrasound pictures with no names or anything on them received through a mobile messenger app. What parent out there would be able to easily accept it when someone just says ‘This is your baby’ with ultrasound pictures with no name or info attached to them. All we’ve been asking from the beginning is for us to be able to confirm by going to the hospital together.”

Too bad? Your son beat the shit out of the mother of your grandchild, so everything isn’t exactly normal with this, is it?

It also doesn’t help that they basically admitted that they didn’t look at the evidence of the pregnancy her side brought cause they didn’t care at the time.

Kim Hyun Joong’s parents also then went onto address these documents that Miss Choi supposedly had to prove that she is pregnant with their son’s baby. According to them, they met with Miss Choi’s parents on January 14. Miss Choi’s parents had an envelope with documents inside, but according to Kim Hyun Joong’s parents, they were unable to confirm what was inside the envelope because Miss Choi’s parents later left and took the envelope with them. They say they didn’t really think to open the envelope right on the spot because they did not suspect Miss Choi to be lying anyway and thought they could open it later.

So whose fault is that, exactly? Her side brought documents, you didn’t look at them. I don’t even know if this is true or not, but even in THEIR version of the story, they’ve been fucking up.

KHJ’s dad then said the texts were out-of-context…

Kim Hyun Joong’s father also said that the text messages Miss Choi had released through Dispatch had been cut and pasted in a way that made it look more favorable to her case. He revealed that he also has all the messages and is willing to reveal them, but that he wanted to receive Choi’s consent first.

…the problem being that the worst things associated with the texts don’t need context.

The dad then says he is so adamant about the hospital visit because he is accusing her of being an unfit mother but didn’t have the heart to tell her directly…

The father also went on to reveal that he is especially pressing for a hospital visit because he had heard a rumor that Choi drank alcohol after she became pregnant. He said he beat around the bush by telling Choi, “Oh I’m just worried that you might have eaten whatever without knowing you were pregnant”. But Choi told him she did not eat without thinking. Kim Hyung Joong’s father said, ‘I wanted to ask her ‘did you drink’, but because it wasn’t something I had actually witnessed, I had a hard time actually asking her that since if I asked her that then I’d have to tell her the name of the person who told me. That would cause this issue to get bigger and I thought she’d also be hurt by it, and I didn’t want to hurt someone who could potentially become a part of my family. But I think when I had mentioned to her ‘let’s check before it’s too late’, she misunderstood it as me implying ‘let’s go abort this baby before it gets bigger’. However, I have no such intentions at all. I actually only want to protect the baby.”

…yeah, how could that come off wrong? Again, how is this her fault? You’re her senior and you can’t nut up and ask about drinking but can try to bully her? That’s also just assuming this isn’t all bullshit, of course. Like, way to slip in that you figured she was getting wasted while pregnant in order to get the public to think she’s a drunken, irresponsible whore or whatever angle.

The dad then says that they DID have a hospital visit planned, contrary to the ex’s denial … and then tried to use the fact that his wife was temporarily in a wheelchair to make the ex out to be an uncaring monster.

He had told his wife about all this after she finished her surgery and his wife had said she’ll attend the check up with Miss Choi. So even though she was not even fully recovered and had to rely on a wheelchair to move about, she and her husband waited for Miss Choi to show up at the hospital, but Miss Choi failed to show up.

Kim Hyun Joong’s parents then asked her to just meet them at the previously scheduled hospital on the 25th. When they texted her, “We are on our way, so please come”, Miss Choi only responded, “Stop media playing. The truth will always be revealed.” Kim Hyun Joong’s father commented during the interview, “What media play have we done? Isn’t it her who revealed that she was pregnant and mentioned taking responsibility and such to the media in the first place?”

Uh … what? The Key East Entertainment statements basically painted her as faking the pregnancy, so she was pissed.

Anyway, his mom tried to make herself the victim and questioned why the ex had to go public with it all.

Kim Hyun Joong’s mother added, “We’re frustrated. I don’t know how to express these emotions in words. We haven’t even begun the talk about marriage yet, but she’s going on saying she’s not going to marry our son and that she’s going to take responsibility for the baby. I just want to die. Why is she making this issue into something like this when it’s a matter that should be solved between the two families. Why does she do all this but not discuss with us the things that should be talked about.”

Uh … yeah, you want to die, your suffering is the tragedy in this.

Your son’s ex stated quite clearly why she went to Dispatch, and it was to counter the overwhelming sentiment from Key East, the two of you, and the public that she was crazy and lying. They were all building a narrative against her, so she flipped the script, went to Dispatch with receipts, took a gigantic elephant dump on the opposing narrative, and now you’re left crying and appealing to emotion in interviews cause there’s nothing else.

For the coup de grace, the parents truly and shamelessly try to victimize themselves and their son in all this.

As for what their son is up to these days and how he’s doing, his father commented, “He’s having a tough time. He can’t even step a foot outside of the house.” His mom added, “Even today, I came after having cried for an hour. Those with children should be able to understand how pained I am. I don’t know how to express it in words. Is it only considered murder if one actually kills a person. I think putting a family through this kind of pain is also murder. Honestly, this the pitiful state of heart I’m in. If I’m feeling like this, how do you think he [Kim Hyun Joong] feels.”

Wow, this is gross, man.

Is it only considered murder if one actually kills a person. I think putting a family through this kind of pain is also murder. … If I’m feeling like this, how do you think he [Kim Hyun Joong] feels.


Fuck outta here.

This logic that because the ex-gf is blowing up a private matter she’s just as bad as Kim Hyun Joong is absolutely insane. It’s the worst false equivalency ever.

Better yet, there’s this from the parents.

When asked what Kim Hyun Joong’s thoughts are on the situation, his father revealed, “Our son said that if it’s true that she is pregnant, then that the baby is probably his. If he had been unsure about it then we might have suspected Miss Choi, but since he’s the one saying that, we of course believe [she’s pregnant]. He said he’ll take responsibility so we respected his decision. I told him, ‘If all this happens and you don’t get married then you’re going to be a bachelor with a kid.’ Hyun Joong told me he is ready to accept that as well. I think that whatever decision is made should be made for the baby, and I told my son the same.”

Your son cops to everything … so leave it alone.


Korean netizens weren’t buying what the parents were selling, but the ex-gf’s lawyer responded anyway with a “that was ridiculous and not even accurate, but whatever”.

“We’ve confirmed the interview with a specific media outlet that Kim Hyun Joong’s parents had done. There are a few parts that are different from the truth, but we have nothing to say. We hope that the two parties would discuss it well for a quick resolution. This is something the two parties need to figure out. We hope that there will no longer be reports in relation to this situation.”

Hopefully this is the end of the nonsense and everything gets sorted.


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