MR.MR member Ryu accuses CEO of physical, verbal abuse + CEO admits to getting physical


MR.MR‘s company, WinningInsightM officially announced the departure of member Ryu the other day without any clear reason, but it didn’t raise any eyebrows … at least not until Ryu responded with the reason.

Our youngest Ryu, who’s received a lot of love until now, has ended his contract with the company due to inevitable reasons, and we have to sadly announce that he will be leaving the group. The reasons for ending the contract include differences in music and understanding others. We hope for your understanding.”

Following that, Ryu explained the reason he was leaving was actually because of physical assault, verbal assault, contractual issues, and member neglect.

Ryu says he was called into the president’s office for a meeting, gave his opinion on a song, and that is when the CEO hit him twice on the ears with a sizable folder.

He then hit me twice on the ears with a file the size of my forearm, and I was momentarily dazed. Then, despite my not being able to hear and being dizzy, I couldn’t speak and there was blood coming from my ears, but he finished speaking and told me to leave. At that point, I decided that I needed to take a photo, but the president seemed as if he would continue and hit me again. I ended up not taking a photo, and instead sat quietly and listened to him talk for another hour and a half or so without speaking.

Ryu then says he was brought a form to sign, and that if he didn’t oblige, he would be cut from the group.

The contract said we were suddenly forbidden from being seen in public, and if we were caught outside the dorms, we would be sued for $300,000 dollars. I knew that agreements like this outside of the official contract were not legal, so I went back to the dorm alone.

Ryu goes on to say that physical and verbal abuse was not a rare occurrence for the MR.MR members, and that when he asked the company to clarify the contract, the CEO got heated.

When I asked for the calculations, I was called a “money-grubber” and told I would be cut from the group. I was afraid that what the president said was true and I really would be cut, so I couldn’t even speak up for myself. Usually, per the contract, our settlement calculations would come at the end of each month. Also, if you listen to the recording, the $300,000 dollar investment is unclearly spoken and not only is there no other evidence, there was no proposal given and although I asked to see our detailed contract, it was not given to us and we were verbally assaulted when we demanded to see it.

To further drive the point home, Ryu says the company threatened family members.

Furthermore, my mother was told in a personal conversation about the members, “I had government background checks done on their fathers and know where their parents live.” (FYI, one of the member’s fathers was so angry about this he personally came to the company.) This sort of intimidation continued with another member being told, “We’re thinking about just getting rid of you guys anyway.”

That’s the crux of Ryu’s statement: that the members were tied into a slave contract through intimidation, and that anything they did resulted in verbal or physical abuse.

Ryu ends by saying that he has not cancelled or broken his contract yet, but is preparing for a lawsuit for the reasons stated above. He also apologizes to fans of the group and fans of his, and then also mentions that he was caught dating.

I know better than anyone how much this post is going to hurt my other members and also the fans, but the company’s false statement on my withdrawal from MR.MR and the unfair treatment I received while in the band needed to be known, so I have uploaded this here.

For so carelessly having been caught dating, I hate myself and am both thankful and sorry to the fans that believed in my unworthy self. I sincerely apologize.

That’s certainly a lot to digest, but for whatever reason, we didn’t have to wait long for a response from WinningInsightM. Thing is, the response wasn’t a rebuttal of anything except the size of the folder Ryu was hit with by the CEO.

Ryu saying that the file was is thick as his forearm is not the truth, the thing was really a thin vinyl file that we commonly use; something that is not shocking and that is weak and light. It is true that I hit Ryu in the head with this paper vinyl twice. Ryu made me, the company CEO, a criminal complaint. The picture below is the vinyl file submitted to the police station for evidence. The item below is what Ryu is claiming is as thick as a forearm and caused him to lose his train of thought, lose his hearing, and make his ears bleed.


The CEO then goes on to say he’s “reflecting” for hitting Ryu.

No matter what, hitting someone for any reason is bad, and I am reflecting a lot on it. That point will also be dealt with accordingly.

I don’t get the point of the statement. The CEO just basically confessed, but with the disclaimer that “shit wasn’t THAT bad”.

I’m sure more will come of this, but for now, based on the admission of the CEO and how nothing else was refuted, it sure seems like Ryu was just speaking the truth about the situation he and his group were in under WinningInsightM.


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