EXID’s Hani gives no fucks on ‘Running Man’, G-Friend’s Yerin knees herself in the face


On the latest episode of ‘Running Man‘, EXID‘s Hani and G-Friend‘s Yerin both stood out for the same reason: not giving a fuck.


For Hani, she rolled her hair, passed out, and burped while in the car while with Yoo Jae Suk, all of which are “unladylike” and drew some criticism.

So she caught some shit for it, but most people seemed to find it charming enough in a tomboyish way. Not that Hani gives a fuck anyway since she is always on drugs has a 4-D personality.


But everybody knew about Hani coming into this. Yerin, on the other hand, broke the record from the shortest time from debut to appearing on ‘Running Man’ at seven weeks, and she was eager to show why.

Perhaps a little too eager as she kneed herself in the goddamn face while dancing gloriously.

A variety star in the making?


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