Olltii’s “Graduation” is amazing and deserved to go viral


Missing out on stuff is what happens when you’re busy, and I regret only getting to this track now because it’s great. The whole vibe of Olltii‘s “Graduation” really made it seem like he was trying to make a rap version of Vitamin C‘s “Graduation“, and despite whatever you might feel about the latter song, Olltii’s track absolutely worked and I just wish it gained more traction.


Lyrically, Olltii reminisces on his school days and talks about how he misses them now. From friendships to dating to teachers and parents to grades to being awkward, his experiences are very relatable and that’s what’s great about the content of the track. No, it’s not a loud banger with unintelligible words screamed over and over, but it’s a teenager rapping about what he knows, and he does so in a way that’s mature and universal.

Filming the music video at his old high school was a nice touch, and Olltii also enlists a choir to sing the chorus, which really gives it that genuine and nostalgic feeling.

It’s honestly disappointing as hell that this didn’t go viral, because I think it would be the perfect type of song to do so.

Hell, even if you don’t like the song, it’s got Choiza as a kid.



How can you resist?


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