Ryu out of MR.MR + WinningInsightM says that the group’s comeback will be shitty


To the surprise of nobody, Ryu is out of MR.MR since he’s preparing to/has already filed a lawsuit against WinningInsightM.

But that’s not important right now, because what is important is that he’ll be replaced by a new member on short notice, and the company says to remember that when this comeback is a lazy piece of shit.

The group’s agency WinningIn Sight Music announced, “There is a concert coming up in April in Japan that we have been planning for since last year. It’s impossible to hold it with just four members.” They continued, “We unfortunately had to hold last-minute auditions for the new member, and we don’t have enough time to properly prepare for the April 23 comeback. Please keep this in mind.”

That’s … a new strategy, right?

Instead of hyping the shit out of every release to the point where it’s impossible meet expectations, WinningInsightM has all but come out and said “this is a rushed piece of shit and we don’t even have the new member yet, but fuck it”.

This is genius.


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