Rap Monster’s ‘Awakening’ will please his fans, but not me


Rap Monster released a music video for “Awakening“, which I assume is off is upcoming mixtape, and though I think fans of his will laud it, I wasn’t much of a fan.

Sometimes on the first listen of a song — knowing that it’s from an idol and what their general fanbase is like — I can see how the track will end up galvanizing his fanbase, but I personally thought it was trying to do too much.

Idol fans generally like the type of rap that’s yelling, aggressive, and explicit on their idol’s mixtape because it gives them an excuse to scream how legit their bias is, especially if that person has decent talent like Rap Monster. Pair that with the type of lyrics he wrote about being proud to be an idol but still a rapper and all that, and it’s practically guaranteed to be dickridden to high heaven.

That’s wonderful and all, but for me this is a far far far cry from his flow and style on “P.D.D, which I think executed a similar message far more effectively. Yes, I thought the lyrics on that were still fringy, but the flow was there, and he executed an aggressive style while rapping over a chill beat that highlighted a controlled aggression that I liked a lot. This? This is exactly the type of stuff rappers who lack talent do in a vain attempt to to prove they’re legit. You know the type, they rap angry (perhaps with a growl), but have a obviously disjointed flow where they try fit in too many syllables in their rhyme schemes and think yelling louder and louder compensates for it all (like true hep-hap). Talent-wise, he’s better than this, but by trying to prove how legit he is, he ironically adapted the hallmark styles of what pretenders and fakers do the best.

Anyway, I’m aware I’m in the minority if we’re judging by reactions so far, and I do understand why his fans will like this, but his previous effort went a lot further to proving he was on the right path.


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