Crayon Pop are awesome Power Rangers in their MV teaser for “FM”


As I wrote yesterday, Crayon Pop‘s music video recently wrapped up, and today Chrome Entertainment released a teaser for their comeback track, “FM“.

1) This appears to be a goddamn amazing concept.

2) I actually wish it was more retro cheesy. Like objectively, the Power Rangers and other stuff from that era was fucking TERRIBLE … but in the best goddamn way. I understand why this is cleaner, because most K-pop fans don’t care about the nostalgia of shit being TerriAwesome (like Saved By The Bell), but I do, dammit.

3) This needs to feature either a ridiculous monster as the villain or their CEO.


Gummi says they’re coming back as female warriors:

“A female warrior concept. Helmet? Our heads will have nothing on them (smile). Up to now, we had a sense of cuteness, but there will be sense of matureness for Crayon Pop”, said Geummi.

My body, it is ready.



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