Clara & Polaris Dispute: Police side with Polaris in both harassment & blackmail cases


After reviewing all the submitted evidence, the police have sided with Polaris Entertainment over Clara in the two cases currently in dispute.

Based on the back-and-forth texts between Clara and her CEO, the police said that there was nothing to show sexual harassment.

The police believes after reviewing recorded tapes, video interviews, certification of contents, SNS exchanges, and the contract itself, that the father discovered some problems, leading to him and Clara requesting a cancelation of the contract. Apparently, Clara’s father blackmailed Chairman Lee Kyu Tae, claiming back on September 22 that they felt some sexual humiliation and wanted the contract terminated.

Claiming to be a victim, Clara had submitted evidence to support her assertions, but this reportedly did not go over well. After examining the back-and-forth conversations between Clara and Chairman Lee, the police decided that there was nothing in the content to arouse suspicions of sexual humiliation.

The police also said that Clara’s father had blackmailed the CEO via a threat to go public with the sexual harassment accusation and that Clara had apologized so that her and her father weren’t taken to court for blackmail.

The police also believes that the father’s statement that he was willing to broadcast the certification of contacts during a family meeting and Clara’s apology to the president in a meeting with him afterwards are signs of acknowledging the blackmailing crime.

I was actually surprised by this. I expected her to lose the sexual harassment side of things, because based on the texts she submitted herself, there wasn’t anything there. However, on the opposite side of things, there didn’t seem to be much supporting a blackmail case from those revealed texts. Apparently though, her father was indeed doing more stuff behind the scenes in terms of threats, so the police are siding with Polaris on that as well.

As of now, this means nothing, but one would think the results of a police investigation would have a lot of influence over the court decision, so it’s looking pretty bad for Clara and company.


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