Seo Jung Hee expands on her suffering under her ex, Seo Se Won


Just the other day it was revealed that Seo Jung Hee had testified that she was a hostage in her own marriage to Seo Se Won, and that she was subjected to constant instances of abuse and assault. Now additional details have been revealed to Channel A regarding Seo Jung Hee’s court case against her ex-husband, and it really only gets worse.

Seo Jung Hee explained that she married Seo Se Won because she felt ashamed that she lost her virginity to him, even if it was forced.

Seo Jung Hee goes on to imply that the source of Seo Se Won’s violent behavior lies in his Othello syndrome, or delusional/morbid jealousy, a psychological disorder under which a person believes their spouse is having an affair without any real proof. She explained, “Seo Se Won’s Othello syndrome was severe from the start. I didn’t know back then. Even I don’t understand why he lived like that.”

She continued to reveal that after assaulting her, Seo Se Won would give her presents to make her feel better about the abuse. She said, “After assaulting me, he would buy me anything, take me on trips, and treat me to meat, because I like meat.”

However, if her expression became hardened after abuse, Seo Se Won would feed her tranquilizers. Seo Jung Hee said, “I was a prisoner. If I did not have a happy expression, he would feed me tranquilizers at night. He would feed me the medicine he took for himself. These were not prescribed medications. I took what my husband gave me.”

Seo Se Won took complete control over Seo Jung Hee’s life, going so far as dictating her emotions. According to Seo Jung Hee, Seo Se Won even controlled her income as Seo Jung Hee earned a lot of money as an interior designer. Seo Jung Hee shared that Seo Se Won would spend her money as if it was his own and that she didn’t even have her own signet.

Seo Jung Hee wept as she explained she felt she could not leave because of her children, concluding her story of abuse.

As was alluded to in the previous article, she says that he sexually assaulted her and then coerced her into marrying him because she was embarrassed that she was no longer a virgin as a result of his assault. Then he maintained an abusive relationship with her for the last 32 years, and the details of what that entailed are brutal but honest.

Also, last time I couldn’t figure out exactly what this trial was for because she had previously agreed to drop charges in exchange for a divorce and an apology, but Seo Se Won is currently on trial for domestic violence anyway. I’m guessing either she changed her mind or the prosecution wanted to continue with charges and convinced her to be a cooperating witness.

Thankfully, they have Seo Se Won being a piece of shit on video, so I figure the guy has to be put away based on that and given Seo Jung Hee’s testimony, but you honestly never know when it comes down to the courts.


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