‘Attack On Titan’ live-action movie preview shown on ‘ZIP’


Last we left off with the live-action ‘Attack On Titan‘ movie, the cast was revealed and it looked relatively promising. However, the character posters were lens-flared fucked and made a lot of people wonder about the effects. Well, we can judge a bit for ourselves now, as a preview clip from the movie was recently revealed on ‘ZIP‘.


Reaction is split between people with high expectations who really wanted an epic, big budget, realistic, loyal adaptation of the source material, and people like me who had even lower expectations than this and expected dudes in costumes to be the titans. I thought it was fine, personally, and it certainly doesn’t have lofty expectations to live up to in terms of live-action adaptations of manga or anime.

The netizens got one thing right, though. With the amount of white characters in this movie, and with the epic effects needed to really make this work, a big budget Hollywood adaptation wouldn’t be the worst thing. Doubt we ever see that though.


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