MFBTY basically made a K-pop MV for “Bang Diggy Bang Bang” and it’s glorious


MFBTY are Tiger JK, Yoon Mi Rae, and Bizzy, and with the release of “Bang Diggy Bang Bang“, the group have basically achieved what they set out to accomplish with this album. As Tiger JK said, the goal was to reinvent K-pop in their own vision, and they certainly accomplished that.

“A lot of people are expecting this album to be pure hip-hop but it’s actually an album of us reinterpreting K-Pop.”

Makes sense, because “Bang Diggy Bang Bang” is like a K-pop music video with outlines of a concept usually done by a ‘beastly’ male idol group or a ‘swag swag swag’ pop-rap idol group … except it has less stereotypical/predictable elements, is more creative/inspired, and was done by people with a lot more talent.

Right off the bat I was hooked by the Indian (right? whatever, it’s great) sound to the track, because I figured it would be hard for a group like this to fuck up the rap portions anyway, and they certainly didn’t do that. “Bang Diggy Bang Bang” has a unique sound, visual creativity, and the group’s rapping ability, but what especially made the song legit was the addicting hook: “The bass, that 8-0-8, bang diggy bang bang all day, all right, okay, Bizzy, Tiger, Yoon Mi Rae.” It just meshed together perfectly with the instrumental and gets more and more addicting the more times you hear it.


The music video was surprisingly amazing, especially seeing all of them dance. It was like Indian/Middle Eastern musical influences mixed with Bollywood/Riverdance mixed with Blue Man Group or something. It was visually appealing, cool without having to try so hard, and just a lot of fun to watch.


I’m not sure if it was MFBTY’s intention, but they have basically said to K-pop groups, “Here’s what it looks like when we try what you’re trying to accomplish.” And with that, “Bang Diggy Bang Bang” basically sets both a visual and auditory standard that K-pop groups would struggle to match.


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