Crayon Pop debuts “FM” at SXSW, making me re-rank their singles

Credit: @lovesuggestion
Credit: @lovesuggestion

Crayon Pop performed at SXSW hours ago, and while we’ll have a full report for everybody later, they debuted “FM” so we had to cover that.


At SXSW’s K-Pop Night Out, Crayon Pop’s setlist was “UH-EE“, “Saturday Night“, “Dancing Queen“, “FM“, and “Bar Bar Bar“.

But what everybody wants to hear is “FM”, right? Right.

1) The choreography was better than I expected, and I expected EVERYTHING. I was joking about wanting Crayon Pop Voltron but we got Crayon Pop Voltron. This is fucking amazing. I can use this to troll forever if the music video actually shows something like that.

2) Based on the teaser I did expect something a bit louder, because even though the instrumental teased was epic as hell, I did have concerns about how vocals would sound over such a strong backing sound. Shinsadong Tiger managed to make it work though, toning it down a bit in the verses and then only ramping it up for the chorus.

Most importantly, I think the chorus works. If the hook didn’t hit the higher notes after the ‘F-M’ was repeated, I think it would’ve just been average, but it ends up as a cross between “Sugar Free” and “Roly Poly“, which is hard to complain about.

For their singles, I’ll go: Dancing Queen>Bing Bing>FM>Lonely Christmas>Saturday Night>UH-EE>Bar Bar Bar

Then again, predicting the public reaction is impossible. The two ahead of “FM” both flopped and the last place one went on to become the hit of the year. Who the fuck knows?

3) So that said, my main concern? Whether the Korean public still fucks with these electronic/techno-inspired pop tracks. I only ask because “Sugar Free” flopped spectacularly (by T-ara standards), though I guess maybe that was for other reasons.

We shall see.


They also did a walkabout around SXSW, which is fitting.

That Asian Junkie presence at the event, tho.


M! Countdown comeback next week:


After hearing the song and seeing the choreo today, I pre-ordered my shit at YesAsia. It can only get better with the music video. Fuck it.


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