Idol involved in drunk driving accident, 10 injured; media uses SPICA’s Jiwon’s pic


A ‘top’ female idol was involved in a five-car accident which resulted in injuries to 10 people. The female idol was a passenger in her boyfriend’s car, which hurdled into a taxi and caused the mess.

The driver of the car was revealed to be 30 years old and had an alcohol level of 0.106%, and was reportedly cussing excessively at the police while being questioned at the scene of the crime. Witnesses were reported to have revealed, “The idol member had abrasions on her forehead and elbow, and was sent to the hospital. While the agency will probably deny it, she was lowering her face when the cameras came out to record.”

Police has said that they will not be naming the person who was in the passenger seat. One of the drivers who was involved in the pileup revealed, “They aren’t giving us a name and giving us initials instead, so I guess she’s really someone. [The driver] didn’t even budge when the police demanded to know her name.”

The 30-year old driver “Yeon,” who was responsible for the crash has revealed, “She is my girlfriend and I cannot say what her name is. Her name contains the letter J.”

The idol is said to have suffered forehead and elbow abrasions, and went to the hospital as a result.

As you can imagine, people were all over this with rumors, and a report on the accident by Channel A actually used a picture of SPICA‘s Jiwon that was “blurred”. Jiwon denied this on her personal Twitter account, though:

“I was eating something after riding my bike and the company called me. That a five car pile up took place and they suspected me of being the passenger and that they were going to write that. I was taken aback that they would assume something off of a very unclear video and were planning to write as if I were the passenger of a drunk driver. I was worried because I knew fans would worry for me if such a thing happened ㅜㅜ.”

“I was assured that the reports wouldn’t include my name since they could not connect the incident to me. I went to see my friend’s performance and returned home. People started messaging me at midnight and they seemed to have used my picture with a bit of pixelation for the passenger of the drunk driver. The report that the passenger belongs to a girl group and has a J in her name along with my picture..ㅜㅜ”

“The agency assured me that if my name shows up, they will take legal action but I know fans would be worried and frustrated so I’m writing this. It’s not me so don’t worry and trust in me please. I hope those who were involved in the accident weren’t hurt too much..have a good Sunday everyone ^^”

So it’s not that it’s not her, but she certainly denied it quick.

I’m really not sure the point of going through all the shielding and stuff though, because whoever it is somehow always comes out in the end, for better or worse. And when it does, that idol, group, and maybe even the company will suffer blowback anyway.


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