Uncle fans of Suzy aren’t taking the news of her boinking Lee Min Ho too well


So Suzy is dating Lee Min Ho, and while he likely has crazy fans as well, I was interested to see whether Suzy’s “uncle fans” would meltdown or not. Unfortunately, so far most of them are doing it on their message boards and not in the comment section of articles, but there’s been a solid number of them making cameos to give you the impression of how exactly it’s going right now.

Seriously though, besides basically all the comments calling her a slut for fucking a dude she’s been dating a month, there’s these “uncle fan” commenters who are posting like she just cheated on them.

So Suzy had sex too… at the hotel ㅋ

Women~ do you know how us men are feeling right now? Suzy spending 3 days in a hotel after dating a month… It’s like Lee Je Hoon from ‘Introduction to Architecture’ seeing some school senior take Suzy to his room and do it in the movie… the disappointment, the betrayal… it’s no joke. I really liked Suzy too…


Farewell, Suzy… You saw what happened to Sulli, you should’ve been more careful ^^

There’s nothing wrong with her dating but she is the icon of first love and naive, innocent emotions… so for someone like that to be caught in a hotel for 3 days with a boyfriend she’s only been with for a month… well, her image is over now ㅋ She’s on the same boat with IU because of a man.

Remember though, we only like these girls as uncles, we definitely aren’t exactly the same as those creepy Jap wotas!

IU – Suzy – Yoona – Kim Tae Hee – Moon Geun Young. Bye bye bye.. all women with boyfriends, bye bye bye. Let’s all leave for Hani, men.

I hope Hani announces she’s dating Sam Ochiri.



This is what happens when your wife won’t touch your dick and you don’t make enough money to visit prostitutes on the reg.


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