SME wants to bankrupt fans, are making 20 versions of EXO’s ‘EXODUS’


Online music store Synnara has revealed that SM Entertainment will do everything in their power to bleed EXO-L dry of money by making EXO‘s ‘EXODUS‘ comeback have 20 versions, with a set of 10 in both Korean and Chinese.

Both the Korean and Chinese editions of the album — available in gold and silver respectively — will be available in 10 different versions each with a different member gracing the album’s cover. When placed together in a set, the spines of the albums unveil EXO’s logo to relay its completion as a collection.

That’s right, AKB48, all of the pointless versions you make of your singles and albums are nothing compared to this shameless cash grab. Suck it.

The best/worst part is that this is totally gonna work and morons are gonna be out on the streets over this shit or taking out second mortgages.


Thot Leader™