CL performs at Ultra with a bunch of trash to look the best, continues down right path


CL was a surprise (sorta) performer at Ultra Music Festival today, and to make herself look as good as possible, the others on the stage included trash like Skrillex, Diplo, and Diddy.

It worked well because she was the best part of the set.

Unfortunately, Koreaboo reported that users on Twitch said some terribly insulting shit about CL that is just completely unfair.

Viewers who tuned into the Twitch live stream commented positively on her appearance and stage, giving her a nickname of “Asia’s Azalea.”

Iggy Azalea? Damn, that’s fucked up. Why would you be so mean to a rookie?


Seriously though, in terms of her performance she showed off: 1) why she needs to launch Jeremy Scott into the sun as soon as the album drops 2) that she can easily subsist on performance qualities and hold her own credibly in America or anywhere 3) that technically and lyrically, she’s even worse in English as a rapper than she was in Korean, and she was average (generously) in those categories as it was.

Fortunately, while I may care about the rapping part of being a rapper, as people like Iggy have proven, Americans don’t really give a shit about that last part. So again, and I know a lot of you fuckers disagree, but I think she’s going about this PR stuff as smartly as possible, and if she flops, it won’t be for stupidity like all the other Asian acts who preceded her.


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