EXO dance in a warehouse for “Call Me Baby” MV that had nothing to do with the teasers


EXO have released the music video for “Call Me Baby“, which had absolutely nothing to do with the sci-fi teasers.

I already gave my thoughts on the song here, so I have nothing more to say on that front, but the music video is basically the members dancing in a rented luxury car garage.

The dancing is impressive and cool, but that’s expected, and that’s also about all fans expect, I suppose. But for a neutral observer, they put way more resources into the teasers (both creative and financial), and I figured they would at least give us some esoteric bullshit that fans could flip out about and find hidden meanings for instead of just standard dance-in-a-box fare.

Well polished, but still a bit … plain? Sort of felt the same after SNSD‘s “Mr. Mr.” music video.

SM Entertainment should’ve just released “El Dorado” as the single and the MV could’ve just been that concert live with the light poles.


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