Jin Akanishi & Kuroki Meisa eat dinner with Shirota Yuu, somehow means Jin’s cheating


Jin Akanishi and Kuroki Meisa are married. Shirota Yuu is one of their friends. The three of them supposedly went out to dinner together and were normal. This somehow makes the scene some kind of affair mediation incident to tabloids.

According the article, the married couple took their daughter to a Taiwanese restaurant, along with Akanishi’s good friend Shirota Yuu. While it was a peaceful scene between the couple and their friend, according to the article Akanishi still hasn’t fixed his habit of having affairs with models and is still secretly meeting with them. People on the internet have pointed out that Akanishi may have called Shirota Yuu to mediate spats between him and Kuroki Meisa.

The rumor is such a reach that even Girls Channel comments were skeptical.

28. 匿名 2015/03/21(土) 08:09:46 [通報] +117
Fake articles like these are terrible
How idiotic

32. 匿名 2015/03/21(土) 08:12:28 [通報] +245
I could care less but there is an extent to rude, to the guy who wrote this article
“As pointed out on the internet,” it says
This has such little authenticity that I question the intelligence of the writer
It must be nice to earn money from your imagination.

44. 匿名 2015/03/21(土) 08:17:19 [通報] +119
If he were really having secret meetings [with models] then there really aren’t any pictures being taken of that
And no regular people have seen it either

It’s remarkable when a tabloid story can even get the channels to react somewhat reasonably.

Three stories you can probably ignore but never do are Jin Akanishi cheating, Oguri Shun cheating, and Matsumoto Jun and Inoue Mao marriage rumors.

A lot of these things have reached the point of ridiculousness, which is why I’m writing about it, because it’s amazing.


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