‘Unpretty Rapstar’ episode 8 with subs has arrived, the end has come


Unpretty Rapstar‘ episode eight … the finale with subs.

Honestly, not much more to say about it all other than what I already said in the post about the raw.


– The full performance from Tymee, Jace, and Lil Cham.

– Previews of Cheetah, Tymee, and Lil Cham on YamanTV with Iron, Olltii, and Giriboy.


Hope everybody enjoyed the ride, because this has been fun and entertaining throughout. In the end, I think the shorter format actually worked because it left us wanting more instead of just hoping it would end.

As for whether I’ll be doing season two … well that depends on who the rappers are and whether the format is the same or not, right?


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