Watch SNSD not give a single shit about performing “Gee” in Taiwan


SNSD‘s are rich as fuck and one of the most successful groups ever … which is why they generally don’t give a shit anymore because the former two reasons mean they don’t have to (also, they may hate their songs).

Case in point, here’s them performing “Gee” in Taiwan with all the enthusiasm of a hooker who gets paid to sex with Kim Kwang Soo.

Could Taeyeon give any less of a shit if she tried? No, because if she tried to give less of a shit, it would be too much effort.

Now do I blame them for not putting in any effort when they could fart on stage and fans will react like they’re orgasming? I guess not, right? If I was them I would milk their fans for a half decade more before they figure out what’s going on and then retire to bathing in Dom Perignon or whatever rich folk do.


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