Lee Tae Im intelligently takes the high road to keep the momentum going


Lee Tae Im‘s agency haven’t released an official statement to the apologies from Star Empire Entertainment and Dispatch because she’s at home, but the agency said that she has expressed regret for the current situation of Yewon.

“Lee Tae Im is currently staying in her hometown, and so we were unable to discuss the official apology with her,” they say. “However when we spoke to her on the weekend, she expressed that she thought it was a shame that the video had been leaked.”

They add, “As the leaking of the video appears to be causing harm to Yewon, Lee Tae Im was apologetic.” This may be referring to demands that the variety show “We Got Married” remove Yewon from its cast due to the controversy.

In regards to the recent parodies that have been showing up on entertainment shows and in commercials, her representatives say, “She also thinks it is unfortunate there there are now many parody videos being released.”

Hey, at least somebody can do PR correctly.

Take the high road, keep the attention on Yewon, and don’t shift it back to yourself by bragging so netizens turn around and say shit like, “Hul~ don’t act like you’re not a crazy bitch too. Kekekeke.” Then by the time you return, everybody will have sympathy for you and you’ll have a revamped image instead of having them remember your reputation previous to this and her part in what transpired.

The #TeamSchadenfreude part of me wanted Lee Tae Im to release a statement like “LMAO! GET SHIT ON, BITCH!”, but unfortunately, what entertains me is hardly ever the smartest thing for celebrities to do.


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