Deep Reviews: Jay Park – “On It”

There’s only so many times I can implore one to stay in their lane, right? Right.

I’ll let Big Ghost explain for me:

Word yo…its that time of year where we give credit where its due n honor the softest muthafuckas in this here game. Aint no clear definition for what makes a nigga soft b…but the best one I can give yall is its usually got to do wit some corny muthafuckas steppin way the fuck out they lane doin this that n the third to try to prove they NOT some hoe ass dandelion blowers n achievin the opposite effect in the process namsayin. Its some lambs in wolves clothing type shit. So we not here to talk bout corny ass or Bruno Mars or Flo Rida… Them cats do what they do n stay in they lanes. That shit dont necessarily affect nobody really. Some yall be cryin foul cuz Macklemore won the Grammy that Kendrick shoulda won n he did it by makin songs bout homosexual lovin n shoppin at thrift stores n whatever (AND BY NOT BEIN BLACK)…yet nobody really tryna light his ass up or throw him on a list like this. Fam…in this hip hop shit…what duke was sayin was like jumpin in front of some bullets usin a tablespoon as a shield. Homie said YO WE SHOULD LET GAY FOLK GET MARRIED N YO BTW I COPPED THIS FUR AT GOOD WILL…NOW IMMA DO A SONG BOUT WHITE WALLS ON MY WHIP. Call that shit calculated or foul or whatever….call the Grammy voters some clowns for favoring white artists…but dont tell me dude soft. Not gon say I agree wit his beliefs or not cuz thats a whole different convo but you gotta be brave as fuck to be on that shit yo. NIGGA YOU WANT MEN TO MARRY MEN AAAAAAAAND YOU ROCKIN SECOND HAND GEAR???!! YO YOU BRAVE AS FUCK FOR A RAPPER B. That nigga Flo Rida be makin some the most wack ass songs on the planet but 1) dude look like he be dead liftin volkswagens n 2) he dont go from makin his hoe ass dance songs to bein on some YO IMMA BUST NIGGAS IN THEY HEADS IF THEY COME AT ME WRONG type shit. He jus stay on some Barney the purple dinosaur shit n be makin songs for drunk people wit bad taste in music n low standards in life nahmean. So thats some outlines for yall so you dont gotta get confused n wonder why Justin Timberlake suit n tie ass not on this bitch but such n such nigga is. Thats actually a perfect example of what Im sayin tho bruh… The grown man JT who stays makin his little grown man records n dabbles in that blue eyed soul shit jus doin his thing n gettin his paper bruh. That lame ass cornrow rockin fuckboy from the early 2000s who use to go outta his way to niggafy his whole corny boy band image never ever got a pass…yanno? If he was still that dude he woulda been top 5 on this shit. Anyways yall get the point n if you dont who the fuck cares

So when Jay Park raps, to me, it’s like he’s going to old Justin Timberlake.


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