SBS is cancelling ‘Roommate’, which unfortunately makes sense


SBS announced that instead of doing that third season of ‘Roommate‘, they’re just gonna cancel the show, and no matter how entertaining I found the second season over the first season, this makes sense.

“Season 2 of ‘Roommate’ will end on April 14. A goodbye party was planned with the cast of the first and second seasons, but that did not go through. It seemed that they were trying to share memories one last time since so many stars went through that house over one year.”

Even last month, ‘Roommate’ was preparing for a new season, remodeling the house and recruiting new cast. However, with low viewership ratings and unclear direction, the show was canceled.

The first season was never really interesting, with the producers basically just throwing uninteresting to moderately interesting celebrities in a house and making them do nothing. The second season was initially much better, but only because the characters were much better.

I had expected Sunny to do well, but actually Youngji and Jackson were the stars, along with Lee Guk Joo and Park Hyung Joon. However, that could only last so long, and towards the end of this season, the producers proved they simply had nothing to contribute and relied on the roommates themselves to provide guests for the show.

In a way it’s a shame, because the show had potential as a concept, but given basically no contribution from the producers for them to do anything interesting nor being an honest look at celebrity life (like Park Bom‘s scandal or dealing with Nana‘s “scandals” could have been very interesting to get first-hand thoughts on), there was nothing to be gained from the show in the long run except the initial feeling-out periods of new casts.


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