That blind item about the boy group member coming out is awfully convenient

"Gay World" still the best netizen comment of all time.
“Gay World” still the best netizen comment of all time.

So recently a blind item about a gay boy group member coming out to his group has been gaining steam for the same reason every blind item gains steam, because it allows us to participate in speculation based on … um … “evidence”.

Member A is from a famous boy group for their synchronized choreographies. The fans had suspected him to be gay or transgender, but it was forgotten because his celebrity career went well for a long time. But he eventually came out as gay to his group members. Surprisingly, the members and staff had already suspected him to be gay since he was a trainee due to his obvious behavior, so they weren’t much surprised.

1) Yes, ok, basically everybody is speculating that it’s INFINITE‘s Sungjong because of the synchronization hint. I get it. But it would be awesome if it was like Super Junior‘s Siwon or something.

2) Oh, no shit? A male idol in K-pop may be gay? Wow, holy fuck. THERE ARE GAY PEOPLE IN A PLACE!

3) This is one of those awfully convenient rumors that are completely insulated from critique. By that I mean it’s vague enough where the blind item isn’t being used just to avoid libel charges, but is instead purposefully vague and there’s no way to tell if it’s right or wrong because the member isn’t coming out to the public but just to other people in private. So if it’s completely true, we never know, and if it’s some fanfiction, we never know.


But hey, this charade has worked, because even I’m commenting on it just to say that commenting on it and hang-wringing over it is pointless.


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