EXO admit they have no idea what the fuck their teasers were about either


Did you not know what the fuck EXO‘s teasers for “Call Me Baby” were about? Well you’re not alone, because EXO went on ‘Kiss The Radio‘ and told Super Junior‘s Ryeowook that they too had no idea what the fuck was up with their teasers.

After Ryewook asked leader Suho about the meaning of their teasers, Suho honestly replied, “I don’t really know either.” His answer resulted in laughter. Chanyeol further added, “We don’t know about the cities, but the times are hints.”

Of course, the primary reason I bring this up is because it’s one of those rare instances where the idols actually admit that the fans who were in search of some deeper hidden meaning like maniacs were just completely wrong and stupid.


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