Rapper E-Sens arrested on marijuana charges AGAIN, and he either admitted to it or not


E-Sens fucking loves weed, having been caught at least five times using or buying the drug, and this time it looks like he’s going to jail for it.

According to the district prosecutors of Seoul, “E-Sens was arrested at his house located in the Mapo district and he was very compliant and admitted to usage of marijuana. Although we will have to wait for the court’s verdict, ince this was during his probation sentence it is highly likely that he will serve prison sentence.”

But wait, his lawyers say none of that shit happened.

This statement is conflicting with the previous statement by E-Sens’s agency who stated that E-Sens was not arrested at his house, nor did he smoke marijuana.

Who knows? Either way, he’s been arrested for something and something allegedly happened involving marijuana.

Most importantly, E-Sens is a dipshit.

In November 2011, he confessed to smoking and buying weed from October 2009 to August 2011, then in September 2014 he copped to smoking weed in a parking lot with a friend, and in November 2014 he was caught after buying 500 grams of weed with other college students after seeing an online ad (LOL). On top of all that shit, leading up to this case, he also apparently smoked weed by himself on Mar. 15 and then again at his place on Mar. 30 with a friend.


Look man, I don’t give a shit about weed use, especially when everybody practically celebrates drinking culture and people smoke cancer sticks willy nilly. But if you’re in Korea, you know you’re gonna get fucked up if you use the shit, so just stop doing it or go to California/Colorado or wherever to toke up. Jesus, use some common sense.

If E-Sens sounds familiar, then it’s probably from that diss battle that went mainstream a couple years ago, and he earned a lot of respect/sympathy out of that after rapping about his exit from Amoeba Culture. That said, one of the criticisms fired back at him was that he was unprofessional and irresponsible, especially for getting fucked up on weed charges all the time.

So … yeah, about that…


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