Dude who threatened to chainsaw Song Ga Yeon to death fined ~$2000


Hey, remember that guy who sent death threats to MMA fighter Song Ga Yeon and put her in psychiatric care?

I want to kill Song Ga Yeon. I seriously feel the urge to murder. I’m going to buy a sawing machine soon. I don’t know what I’ll use it for but I really hope you don’t make me use it on you.

Then remember when he visited her company with an apology letter and left her drinks like a stalker?

I really wanted to give my sincere apologies through a personal visit but I couldn’t get in contact with you, even through the lawyer. Since there was no other way to meet you I came here unannounced. I am leaving some beverages for you while you exercise as well as my handwritten letter.

Yeah, well that guy is getting fined like $2000 for his actions.

Um … justice, I guess?


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