Lee Hongki tells a fan who was mad about his dating rumors to go fuck herself


After rumors that Lee Hongki was dating model Shinozaki Ai surfaced, some fans were mad as fuck at him in their typical delulu “oppar is dating and it’s not me” type of way. Said fans tweeted some mean shit at Hongki, so Hongki proceeded to tell one said fan to fuck off.

You haven’t known me for that long, huh? I’ve said for a while now not to like me like I’m your boyfriend. If you hate me for this, then cya.

Translation: “How about don’t be a fan to begin with if you’re gonna be a delusional fuckstick? I told you I’m gonna be fuckin’ on the side for how long now? If you’re gonna send me this bullshit over a rumor, then don’t even bother being a fan. Go fuck yourself.


Of course, fans of idols were predictably all angry and/or sad.

1. [+272, -20] He sounds immature….
2. [+264, -9] Basically saying screw off if you don’t like me b*tch
3. [+240, -20] What the ㅋㅋ He’s trying to sound so cool but he sounds like fail ㅋㅋㅋ
4. [+51, -9] Such a dumb and stupid thing to say
5. [+43, -6] You can really tell he’s got a temper judging by the way he talks, no charm in that

Then in the comments of the Netizen Buzz article, there are people lamenting that Hongki treated her so “harshly”, but later when another sasaeng follows Tao around or tells Suzy she’s a whore for dating, they’ll be like, “OMG WUT RITE DO THEY HAVEEE TO JUGE DEM!!!”

So in reality, Hongki is a hero for telling these types of fans off, and hopefully more idols go down this path.

Because Hongki’s the hero K-pop deserves, but not the one they’re ready for right now. So they’ll hate him. Because he can take it. Because he’s not their hero. He’s an honest idol. A destroyer of delulu.

A G-Cup Titty Knight.



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