Jang Dong Min apologizes for saying a bunch of sexist shit, and now I understand the hate


So back when I posted about ‘Crime Scene, I got a bunch of people saying how they hated Jang Dong Min. While I didn’t necessarily like the guy cause he did come across as rather full of himself for no reason, I also didn’t think much of him at all.

Now? Now I get it.

On a podcast radio show, he was talking about a story with his coordi and put down women by saying things like, “A woman’s brain will never live up to a man’s because they’re dumb”, “XXX b*tch”, “What I can’t stand is when a woman isn’t a virgin”, “Sl*t”, “Women are dumb because they tell their boyfriends about their sexual history”.

He also said he wanted to kill his coordi (jokingly), but then went on to specify that he wanted to serve her intestines to her mother.

Of course, people laughed the latter incident off because “oppar was just making jokes” just like they do with all comedians, but at this point there’s enough context to believe Jang Dong Min is basically just a scumbag.

Anyway, so I get the hate for him now.


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