24K, a group I’d never heard of, now has me hooked on their song, “Hey You”


I guess I’ll click on this music video, never heard of them before but whatever.

Holy shit.

Honestly, I’m still shocked that a group I’ve never heard of before in 24K (or maybe I just forgot) dropped this gem called “Hey You” out of nowhere, but I’m coming to grips with it.

I feel like I’ve heard a similar instrumental to the one that’s being played during the chorus somewhere before, and that’s probably why I’m loving it so much, but either way that whole section is what makes this song work because it’s amazing. As a bonus, the group more than hold their own in terms of vocals, the dancing was solid (even with that ‘nae nae’-esque thing), and I thought the music video was surprisingly sharp (was a bit too dark, but I get the concept).

I’m not going crazy, right? This was actually a jam? EXO releases this and it gets worshiped is what I’m saying.


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