JINUSEAN drop the nostalgic music video of the forever in “Tell Me One More Time”


Old school groups like JINUSEAN always try to shamelessly milk nostalgia concepts like they did for “Tell Me One More Time“, so it’s almost like they’re afraid to go out and risk creating a modern sound or something … AND THANK GOD CAUSE IT FUCKING WORKS ON ME EVERY TIME.

God this is awesome. Fuck you, all you kids.

With guest appearances from Haha, Yoo Jae Suk, Bobby, Epik High, Seo Jang Hoon, S.E.S.‘s Shoo, Yang Dong Geun, Kim Hyun Jung, Cool‘s Jaehoon, and DJ DOC (I think), there’s no way for this to possibly go wrong. Then throw in the wack fucking 90s hep-hap style from K-pop, a “Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems” set, and Run DMC … this is amazing.





The song is rather light on rapping and seemed more like a vehicle to feature Jang Hana and include callbacks to their old hit songs, but it’s light, upbeat, and fun, which makes sense for this concept and is only amplified further by the music video. When I talked about artists being self-aware and projecting that feeling to viewers, this is what I meant.

If you don’t like this then you’re wrong, so sit there in your wrongness and think about how wrong you are.


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