[Update] That clip of CL rapping about Dr. Pepper is from a real song called “Dr. Pepper”


In an interview with iHeartRadio, Diplo said that he indeed has a song with CL for her American debut and it’s calledDr. Pepper“. Yes, that one.

“Also, CL’s album — I’m working really closely on. She’s a Korean pop star that sings and raps. She’s on Skrillex and me’s ‘Dirty Vibe’ song. She’s just, awesome. I’m so proud of the stuff we did, she’s really cool. We have a song coming out next month, with me, her, Riff Raff, and OG Maco, and it’s a rap song, called “Dr. Pepper.” It’s really cool.

Remember when everybody was making fun of the clip and Blackjacks were like “OMG U GUYZ SO IGNANT IT’S JUST GIBBERISH LYRICS TO PREVIEW DA BEAT YO” … awkward. Hell, even I bought into that narrative a bit and figured it HAD to be just whatever to get a feel for the instrumental. Well, now it’s real and those same people saying it was gibberish will have to defend that shit as lyrical genius, so that should be fun.

That said, and again I know you guys disagree, but never underestimate how far stupid fucking lyrics and shitty-ass rap backed by a solid beat can get you in this current environment.



Oh my god, here’s OG Maco’s shit.


I take back what I said, this is terrible.


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