[Update: Video] EXO’s Lay caught hitting a stylist with paper, netizens debating attitude


So some sasaeng basically stalked EXO‘s Lay around town and caught a moment on video where he hit a stylist on the head with a sheet of paper or something.



What kind of situation was that?

I would be angry if someone hit me like that………. but Lay?

I know that you’re angry or something happened but hitting people like that, especially an older woman is a big no no.

There must be a reason, right?

I dont know the whole story or this gif just cut out to frame Lay, but hitting your co-worker, esp woman older than you is not a good thing.

PS: Idk what you’re thinking man, but for me this exact gif is a big deal. I cant be calm if a younger male co-worker of mine were pissed off and hit me like that. I’m not saying Lay is at fault but I’m sure there’s an explanation on the video or situation about how could this happened. To me, the GIF is a problem. No, I dont hate Lay.

Comments were talking about him being disrespectful and stuff like that…

“That’s his Noona, he’s not supposed to be hitting her like that”
“So disrespectful, he should know his place”
“Are you serious, are you serious right now. Are we really serious”
“This is a friendly hit to me they’re probably good friends wtf”
“That’s his noona though, to hit her with some papers that’s super disrespectful”
“I can’t even believe people are making this a big deal”
“Lay is my bias, but that’s kind of not cool”

…and I wouldn’t be surprised if this becomes an issue somehow, but a second GIF seems to show they were joking around.


Only reason I’m posting about this is because this sure seems more related to people being pissed about Lay supposedly somehow angling for an out from EXO than anything else.

I’d like to see the whole video, but apparently it’s been scrubbed.

Also, this is the most important thing to come from this “controversy”:




Here’s the video, and the incident happens around two minutes or so:

Doesn’t help a whole lot.

Lay didn’t look happy, but it didn’t seem like anything serious. Dunno.

(H/T: @tusuknih)


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