Get The Look: f(x)’s “Red Light”, zombie Nazis, and a black eye


In the first ‘Get The Look, I mentioned how “Sugar Free” was a breath of fresh air in terms of styling, and the same can be said of f(x)’s last release, “Red Light”.


It always appeared to me that f(x)’s team struggled with matching the group’s experimental sound with their outfits and makeup, thus resorting to ridiculous accessories like dinosaur earrings and cactus earrings (OMG SO QUIRKY) … and that’s just naming two of the odd things they’ve had put on their person.


But with the release of “Rum Pum Pum Pum“, it seemed that those in charge of the styling were starting to figure this shit out and managed to not make me frown every time a closeup of Luna came around. By the time “Red Light” happened, I was convinced that they finally stopped digging on 2NE1’s bin of rejected clothes to give the group a look that matched both their song and their image.


The two main outfits have a military feel to them, but with a variation. Imagine an army of, say, zombie Nazis (cause why not?): you’d have your regular soldiers and you’d have your higher ranks directing stuff and keeping themselves safe somewhere far away from the battlefield.


The regulars would need much more mobility and have to leave some elegance aside. Short shorts with camo print and simple shirts sound pretty boring, but you can really play with it how you please, and the girls themselves have different variations: Sulli and Luna are wearing skirts; Amber sports under-the-knee socks (eh) vs. Victoria’s over-the-knee socks (better).


Luna’s my favorite mostly because of the golden chains (THUG THUG THUG) and the badass belt, but if you prefer something more toned down, the leather cuffs and black bracelets are a great bet because they add some shine without being over the top; you can go the extra mile and mix and match leather by adding a brown leather bag or something.

In regards to the shoes, I’d personally prefer chunky boots with a moderate heel/platform and avoid military boots because they’ll take you straight from “military feel” to “Halloween costume #12563”.



Now, the people sending all the other zombies to die can afford more fancy clothing, plus they don’t mind a little less freedom of movement. With military jackets, high heeled boots, and delicate blouses, this is a more night friendly take on the same concept (and definitely much more Hugo Boss). Again, the diversity is obvious because it’s f(x) and each outfit has to match each of the members’ personas, but in this case you should try richer fabrics with more structure that can easily be complemented with softer ones, like lace (Sulli).


The accessories on Krystal here are glorious. The head pieces are beautiful yet not something you would use on a daily basis, but the pearls would be a great addition regardless of setting.

There’s not much about the makeup that I can add to the awesome description above by Jung Saem Mool’s team (who you should follow on YouTube) other than the eye you choose is mostly based on personal preference and where you’re planning to use it. As a cheaper alternative for eyeshadow, the Wet N WildComfort Zone‘ palette can pretty much fulfill all your color needs for this look.

If you’re a diva and plan to use the uneven makeup as it is; if you manage to NOT look like you have a black eye, please send pictures.


Now that everything’s wrapped up, you should just practice your entrance walk:


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