Oh My Girl debuts with a bubblegum marching-band percussion sound in “Cupid”


A girl group called Oh My Girl is a thing, apparently? They’re the sister group of B1A4 from WM Entertainment and they dropped their debut music video “Cupid” out of almost nowhere.

1) This is like a combination of A Pink‘s fluffiness with After School‘s “Bang!“. Good.

2) The drums are just cheating. I can’t not like the backing track, and I liked how the chorus worked in both the chanting/yelling parts of it (reminded me of “Bang!”) and the vocal sections, which weirdly reminded me of the “sunshine is over me, she gets over me” parts from Primary and Ohhyuk‘s “Gondry.

3) Visually, there’s like two or three who are cute and a lot of Cheerleader Effect filler. More importantly, one of them sort of looks like IU, and one sort of looks like an early-days SNSD Jessica, so I dunno what’s up with that trend lately (G-Friend).


In any case, this was a great debut and probably one of my favorites in a while due to the rarity of rookies debuting with anything decent/different. Of course, that means this group and song will be neglected and sent to the depths of nugudom hell. Sorry girls, should’ve stuck to some wrist-cutting ballad.


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