P-Type is gonna be on ‘Show Me The Money 4’ and will lose to some shithead


Show Me The Money 4‘ is coming soon, and one of the bigger names to be announced is P-Type.

On applying to the show as a contestant, P-Type said, “I’ve applied after much thought and conviction. My goal is winning. I won’t fabricate myself on the show, and and try to show what’s real by showing my idea of hip hop.”

It’s a thing because he’s been rapping since 1998, is already under Brand New Music, and has released four albums. In fact, he just released ‘Street Poetry‘, and I previously covered “Don Quixote 2.

Perhaps most importantly, P-Type was right there along with Verbal Jint in terms of advancing complicated rhyme schemes and what not, so it’s sort of amusing that he has to do this to get his name out. If anything, I just want to watch for who has to “audition” him and “pass” him and how awkward that might be.

Also, can’t wait until some swag swag swag rapper/fan eventually declares P-Type shittier than some dipshit who raps like he has a speech impediment. That is especially likely since rappers like P-Type and even Verbal Jint aren’t necessarily suited for this kind of competition format.



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