Vote for “delinquent school tracksuit” in Crayon Pop poll or I will murder you


Hello everybody, this is a public service announcement to let you know that if you do not vote for Crayon Pop to perform their choreography version of “FM” in the “delinquent school tracksuit”, I will track you down and murder you.

Here’s the info:

The voting period is from 21-24 April 2015. The choices are listed as:
-Delinquent school tracksuit version
-“Lonely Christmas” costume
-“Bar Bar Bar” costume
-“FM” Sailor Moon & all members in pigtails
-Members’ plain clothes

Learn how to register for the fancafe here, and vote here.

Look, ultimately it’s up to you … but just know that if you rebel, your demise is your own goddamn fault.


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Thot Leader™